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Trust Arch is committed to providing a world-class modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar. Everybody knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And modular kitchens have made this a reality. A kitchen of this type is the perfect solution in terms of maximizing space and creating an elegant, sophisticated look. Installing modular kitchen cabinets not only gives the kitchen more space but also makes it more organized and well-maintained. You will love cooking more and more with it because it gives you hassle-free work in every regard! We provide the best service here at Trust Arch, which is why you can rely on us for luxury modular kitchen installation in Bhubaneswar.

Modular Kitchen in Bhubaneswar

Why Should One Use A Modular Kitchen in Bhubaneswar?

Spending considerable time in the kitchen is one of the most important activities in your home. It is the corner of your house that is most frequently used. Today, installing a modular kitchen is not viewed as a luxury purchase, but rather as a necessity. A kitchen is no different from any other room in that it needs to look good too. The aesthetic factor is important, but there is also another factor. This is a good use of space. Modular kitchens can be a great way to save space and add beauty to your home. Get a complete kitchen makeover now!

A kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food for others. It is the heart of one’s home. By blending aesthetics and functionality. Contemporary modular kitchens make greater use of space by arranging furniture in an organized manner. In most Indian homes, space is limited and compact. Having a compact yet functional kitchen design is necessary. Modular kitchen providers in Bhubaneswar assess the site of their clients to find out a modular kitchen design. A set of blueprints is drawn by skilled design professionals. Modular kitchen designs are priced according to the type of kitchen and accessories used. You may also be able to work with an upscale style to renovate your existing unit.

Types of Modular Kitchen Designs available in Bhubaneswar.

  • L shaped kitchen: Kitchen layouts in this style are typically used in small spaces and are popular options. The floor space in this kitchen is effectively utilized.
  • Straight: The layout of this kitchen does not have a work triangle, unlike many others. There is only one line in the workflow. Apartments and studios with lofts are ideal for this product. In addition to minimizing the kitchen space, optimum efficiency is maintained.
  • U-shaped kitchen: The U-shaped kitchen layout is best suited for people with large spaces or those who enjoy cooking. With plenty of floors and wall cabinets as well as extra counter space, it has the most efficient work triangle. It is also a great choice for a family home.
  • Parallel: When it comes to cooking, the parallel kitchen layout may be the most efficient. Having two separate working areas that face each other makes it possible to set up a dry and wet workspace separately. It provides ample counter space for in-built electronic appliances and maximizes storage as well. Suitable for any home, the parallel kitchen can be easily adapted for any need. Parallel modular kitchens would provide more workspace to the length of the kitchen than the width. They are ideal for newly constructed or existing homes with small kitchens. A small kitchen is designed in a way that offers maximum convenience and ample workspace for all
  • Island kitchen: The overall layout of such a kitchen is either straight or L-shaped with an island that is unconnected. Countertops, breakfast bars, entertainment areas, and even sinks and stovetops can be installed here. The Island shaped modular kitchen is best installed in large homes as it combines the parallel shape and the L- Shaped kitchen. Having a kitchen like this provides more space for working and storing goods, perfect for large Indian families or big joint families.
  • Peninsula kitchen: The peninsula layout is similar to an island kitchen in that it has a counter or entertainment area that can be used as a secondary counter. It has three instead of four sides of access since it’s connected to the main workspace.
  • Contemporary: A contemporary design tends to be streamlined, efficient, and minimalist. It is common for designers to incorporate natural elements into the design, such as wood and stone, as well as manufactured elements, such as steel and glass

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Difference Between Modular Kitchen and Carpenter-made Kitchen

Kitchens at home feature appliances such as fridges, microwave ovens, stoves, gas connections, chimneys, as well as containers filled with grains and food supplies. The kitchen would end up looking like a mess if all items were kept without countertops and floors. To neatly organize all kitchen items, people often install cupboards and storage cabinets. One may choose between installing modular kitchen layouts through Bhubaneswar modular kitchen dealers or hiring a carpenter to build a customized kitchen. Below are a few points that highlight the important differences between both types of kitchens.

1. Unlike modular kitchens, which are all made by machine and assembled by hand, an unfinished carpenter-built kitchen is entirely at the discretion of the carpenter. If you choose to purchase carpenter-made kitchen cabinets and shelves over a factory-made modular kitchen design, the chance of human error is much higher.

2. In addition to installing the modular kitchen at their client’s location, modular kitchen dealers in Bhubaneshwar are also able to guide their clients on how various cabinets can be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning or moving. Alternatively, carpenter-built kitchen cabinets are usually single units and cannot be disassembled.

3. Modular kitchens are easy to clean due to their disassembly feature. Different drawers can easily be removed to clean in between cabinets and sections to keep the kitchen space fresh and clean. However, the carpenter-made kitchen is ideally not as easy to clean because it is not feasible to remove the cabinets every time, and the wood used to build carpenter-made kitchens may over time become damaged because of constant exposure to heat and moisture. This type of issue is unlikely to happen with modular kitchens since the final product is well laminated to resist moisture damage.

4. It is preferable to have a carpenter create your kitchen, but the cost may vary according to the carpenter’s skills. A modular kitchen layout is generally on the expensive side, however, manufacturers usually offer a minimum warranty period during which, should something go wrong with it during this period, they will do the necessary repairs and maintenance. Before making any purchase, be sure to read the warranty terms and conditions.

Reasons to Invest in a Modular Kitchen In Bhubaneswar

Despite being built of attractive materials, Morden residences are efficient in every way. In addition to giving the kitchen a sleek look, modular kitchen layouts provide more organization and efficiency. A modular kitchen is one of the many reasons why one should consider investing in one. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Easy installation:

 The modular kitchen dealers in Bhubaneswar offer installation services. This design is ideal for people who want constant change, or who are on the move frequently. It is easy to assemble and disassemble as and when required. Clients do not need to get help in fixing every nook and cranny of the cabinet since they can remove different shelves and drawers themselves once the cabinet is installed. In most cases, the dealer instructs the client on how to remove various cabinets for cleaning, etc.

Organized look:

 The layout of modular kitchens allows for all kitchen equipment and supplies to be organized in an orderly fashion. Each cabinet, drawer, and another area in the kitchen has its own storage space for storing everything. In modular kitchen layouts, ovens, storage containers, utensils, chimneys, mixer grinders, and other kitchen equipment have designated spaces.


The modular kitchens not only accommodate various kitchen supplies orderly, but they are also beautiful. Choosing a modular kitchen design gives a stylish and sleek look to your kitchen. For all those who visit the modular kitchen store, it provides the best options to suit the decor of the other rooms in the house. Designing a dream kitchen as per one’s preferences involves picking and choosing colors, styles, and materials.


Clients can personalize their modular kitchens according to their preferences, which are available from numerous brands. Various reference catalogs will be provided by the dealer, from which people can choose several designs, materials, finish styles, and more to make their kitchen unique.

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